212 Bellingdon Rd, Chesham HP5 2NN

Mosque Services

Chesham Mosque is the only masjid in the town and provides many services to the Chesham community.
Chesham Mosque is a beacon for both Islamic and Academic education. We have classes for male and female children starting from the age of 5 and above on weekday evenings where we teach Quran, Hifz and an Islamic education curriculum. We teach have over 200 students for our weekday classes, with 3male and 3 female teaching staff operating 2 classes every weekday evening.
We have additional educational classes in both English and Urdu for adult men and women during the week led by our Alims (Male Imams) and Alima(Female Imams). In addition to this a Ladies Salah Tul Tasbee class weekly
Our Hifz classes have been operating for a few years now and have been very successful with the children learning large sections of the Holy Quran of by heart and we are happy to say we have first student who completed the memorisation of the Holy Quran and has now also been train to lead be able to lead Tarawee.
In 2019 we started a maths and English course for children taking the 11 plus exam, which operates one day a week. We are hoping in the future to add additional classes based on the UK curriculum for students of different ages.
Nikkah Marriage
Our Mosque can perform Nikkah ceremonies for couples who wish to get married. Our Imams can conduct the Nikkah ceremony and provide you with an Islamic Marriage Certificate.
We can perform Islamic Janaza and Funerals for the local Chesham community. Our Mosque committee work alongside the chosen Muslim funeral directors, the deceased’s family and coroners to have the Janaza performed for your loved one as soon as possible. Chesham Mosque has a special Ghusl room where the ritual Ghusl can be performed on the body. We have a team of local volunteers who help with parking and serve food to guests, as well as dig the grave and bury the deceased.
Daily Prayers
The five daily prayers are led by our Imam Arif Hussain in Jamat for men, with wudu facilities available The prayer times are on our home page and you can receive notifications on our Chesham Mosque App.
Jummah Prayers
Jummah prayers are held every Friday for Men and Women. During the Daylight saving times (DST) the Jummah Khutba Jamat is held at 2pm every Friday and during the none DST period at 1pm every Friday.
School Visits
We work with schools and other organisations across Buckinghamshire and conduct regular Mosque visits for schools. Our Mosque staff give school students a tour of our beautiful Mosque, provide basic information about the Islamic faith and finish with a question and answer session.
Our Imam’s also make regular visits to local schools to teach students the basics of the Islamic faith and help with Religious Education lessons.
If you would like to arrange a Mosque visit please feel free to email us and we will be happy to arrange this for you.
Chesham Mosque is a charity in its own right and is solely operated on donations. As well as collecting for the Mosque, we work alongside many charities in the UK and abroad to help people who are less fortunate.
Locally we have been working with the Chiltern Food bank and have been organising charity events. During the Covid-19 pandemic we have been heavily involved in reaching out to and helping the Chesham community in numerous different ways.
We also do collections and fundraisers for different times of tragedy, need and disasters both in the UK and abroad and our volunteers are always ready to help where required.
Women’s Counselling Service
Chesham Masjid offers a free Islamic counselling service for women. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to assist.
Mawlid Celebration
Chesham Mosque holds numerous Events throughout the year including a Grand Mawlid in celebration of the Prophet’s SAW birth. Members of the Chesham community can also receive permission to hold Qul Khatams and Fortieth khatams for loved ones who have left this Earth
Eid Prayers
Both Eid Al Fitr and Eid Al Adha prayers are held at Chesham Mosque for Men and women, led by Imam Arif Hussain.
During Ramadhan Taraweh prayers are held with the Isha prayer every evening. Special gatherings and prayers are also conducted for Layla Tul Qadr (27th night) during Ramadan. Chesham community members can request to sit Itkaf during the last 10 days of Ramadhan.
For Tarawee Prayers we have our very own Hafiz Quran’s, Hafiz Waheed and Hafiz Zulqurnain. Our two Hafiz share the responsibility of leading the Tarawee prayer and complete the recitation of the whole Holy Quran during the month of Ramadhan, in Congregation.
Chesham Mosque App
We have a bespoke Android and IOS App developed for the Chesham community. If you download our App you will receive notifications about any local announcements such as community deaths and upcoming events and classes. Our app has many custom features including prayer notifications, live streaming, Salah tracker, Adhan, and the ability to read the Holy Quran.
Accepting Islam/Reverting to Islam
If you are interested in learning more about Islam or would like to accept Islam we are here to help you. Our Male and female Imams/Alima are on hand to answer any questions you have and help mentor you in accepting the Islamic way of life. We can conduct a Shahada ceremony in Chesham Mosque for you to revert to Islam.
Open Days
Chesham Mosque has 3 open days annually for local residents to visit their local Mosque and learn more about their Muslim neighbours. Guests are given a tour of the Mosque, a question and answer session is held and light refreshments are provided. We also participate in the Chesham Heritage day where guests are welcome to visit the Mosque.
If you are interested in visiting Chesham Mosque and are unable to attend on the open days, we would be happy to host you and give you a tour. Please feel free to email us and we can schedule a mutually convenient time.